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About Us

We have been working closely with the Interior Design Industry for nearly two decades and we really do know what tools you need to create the visions that you create.

How did we get into this?

Spec designer is part of the Alfred Ashley Group of companies which was established in 1996. From the very inception we focused on the Interior Design Industry, working closely with companies that were designing 5* Hotels and high-end residential buildings.

They all had the same problem

How could they create professional looking Specification Books for their clients without it costing a fortune and taking ages to produce?
Our development team took this challenge on board and our very first FF&E system was born. As the years went by we listened to the changing demands of our clientele and continued to change and modify our systems accordingly.

Today Spec Designer is the result of much listening!

We now have a dedicated department with developers who are passionate about what they do. As a result, Spec Designer will be around for many more decades to come!