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Spec Designer offers supreme functionality, and ease of use, but that’s not all it can do!

We’ve included the ability to compile comprehensive supplier databases and even built-in a time sheet function to track those precious billable hours.

Here is just a quick look at what Spec Designer can do for you:

Project Management



Effective project management can push a project to the height of its potential - it’s the driving force behind any successful venture.

  • Save time on repetitive tasks and increase productivity.
  • Cut production costs by 50% & achieve rapid ROI.




The Specification module is the hub of the system. Here you can create Specifications, generate Material Reference reports and add your Design Intent pages.

  • Create Budget reports.
  • Attach unlimited Design Intent images in a variety of formats.
  • Copy Projects, Areas or individual Specifications.
  • Generate Material Reference reports automatically.

Finish Schedules


The Finish module allows you to create your own Schedules, attach images and link Suppliers.

  • Create Finish Schedules by Project or Area.
  • Attach images
  • Print a variety of reports.

Contacts Database


Store all contacts – not just Suppliers in our on-line contacts database.

  • Create an on-line Contacts/Supplier database that can be used globally by all offices.
  • Find Suppliers/Contacts easily with our easy to use filter system.

Online Image Library

Image Library

The Image Library allows you to store all your images in one central place and not have to worry about running out of disk space!

  • Create your own bespoke image library.
  • Embed, import & upload unlimited images.
  • Create mood boards by filtering by Project/Area.
  • Find Images by Supplier/Group or Tag.

Full Revision History

Manage and track your revisions easily and effectively.

  • Easily keep track of revisions & revert to previous versions.
  • Full Revision reporting facility.


Time Management

A simple and efficient way to track project hours -our built in Time Management Module is easy to use and is a cost effective way of managing your time.

  • Track users’ time spent on projects with built in timesheets.


Full Reporting System

The Reports Module generates over 40 different reports.

  • Import your logo and showcase your identity on every page.
  • Print reports in various formats.
  • Choose to print whole Projects/Areas or individual Specifications.



Web–Based Software

Why is Web based software better?

  • 24hr global access – vital when you are travelling.
  • Upload any documents (CAD, Word, Excel etc.) to your Project Area, which you can then share with your colleagues or have to hand when travelling.
  • Easily collaborate online and work from anywhere, anytime
  • Always up to date. No need to upgrade each PC, every time an update is released as you will always be working on the latest release automatically.
  • No Specific Platform Requirements – Suitable for both PC and Mac users and those sites with a combination of both.


Sharing your projects online with clients and colleagues has never been this easy, efficient, or affordable.